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Good news bad news

The photograph is dead; long live photography.

Sorry for the melodrama. I like to exaggerate, but this isn't an exaggeration: there's a lot of worry and chatter these days about what's happening to our sacred domain. In fact, the anxiety is so thick you can shoot it at 1/15th of a second and still catch it clearly.

Last week, the New York Times spelled it like this: For Photographers, the Image of a Shrinking Path. (Karen d'Silva, an industry guru, wrote in an email: "It's crazy how many people sent me this article. Very telling.")

Blogs everywhere record the hubbub, including this post by Shannon Fagan for Ellen Boughn a few weeks ago, a post that generated more than a hundred frantic replies.

And on the APA listserve conversation yesterday, a fellow member asked us if anyone, anywhere, had any good news to report.

I could go on and on in this vein (just one more: at the SPE national convention last month, an industry executive told a conference hall of…