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Alchemy of Autumn

This is my favorite time of year. In class you're making pictures that couldn't have been predicted even a few short weeks ago. I'm enthralled by the process, this convergence, this transmutation of one thing into another thing, idea into material, image into body. I don't know how it happens, even as it unfolds right in front of me.

Last Sunday afternoon at the Brooklyn Central Library we heard Trio Solisti perform chamber music from several different eras. As always, the comfortable elegance of the Dweck Center was the perfect setting for a quiet reprieve from the rush of the end of the term. (I've written about the Library's concert program here, and I still recommend it strongly.)

The end of the afternoon brought Modest Mussorgsky'sPictures at an Exhibition. You've probably heard it before; I'd heard it many times but never knew what it was called.

(Click the 'play' button to hear the Promenade opening.)

The story behind this composition is…