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Rain in the woods

On the computer all day. Had to take a break late this afternoon. What does the rain look like?

These are regular woods up the hill from my house. I'm crouching in the wet mud and pointing my camera slightly up. In a month the leaves will be thick against the sky.

Show the pictures

This month I went to Houston to show my portfolio at Fotofest. This is essential: show your pictures.

There are many different photo review events; I wrote about the fun at Photolucida last year (here). Previous to Photolucida I'd been to the review in Atlanta, and to several other reviews here in the New York area. Wherever you live, whatever photographic stage you're on, attending a photo review is a valuable goal.

The structure of each review is fairly similar: photographers register and pay a review fee; the organizers distribute a list of the curators, critics, and gallerists who will be attending; you research their biographies and decide whom you'd most like to see; a few days before the event your appointment schedule arrives. (Some of the smaller, one-day events don't distribute a list ahead of the event itself; rather, you sign up for appointments when you arrive at the venue.)

The day of the event (or days — Fotofest and Photolucida are multi-day events), y…